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Granite kitchen

Warranty and Disclaimer

From Selection to installation - we have you covered!


Natural stone has many variations in color, crystal structure, mineral formation and texture.  Customers will be able to see and feel fissures and other natural differences in the stone’s surface texture.  These differences are not considered flaws, but rather signatures of authenticity. Customers are encouraged to view and feel the whole slab before fabrication begins, and can reject material only at that time.


We offer a 10-year stone countertop warranty. 

Bailes Granite & Marble warrants to the purchaser that Bailes will repair or replace, at its option and without charge, any stone countertop that Bailes installs if the countertop has a manufacturing defect or installation defect, during the first 10 years after installation.

This warranty does not cover the characteristics of natural stone such as: variations in color, vein appearance or size, crystal structure, surface or edge resin fill, mineral formation, surface texture or fissures; physical or chemical damage.

This warranty is registered and in effect upon final payment and installation completion.

Starting a Warranty Claim
If you feel you have an issue that is covered by your warranty please call our office to discuss possible solutions.  

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