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Once your brand new natural stone countertops are installed, you must begin caring for them! Bailes makes it easy for you to clean and care for your new countertop by offering our own specialty brand of cleaner, Bailes Granite & Marble 113M. Our cleaner is specifically designed to polish and clean all natural stone surfaces. It’s also an important advantage that many of our stock granites actually never require sealing.

You can also care for your countertop by using common household cleaning products. However, you need to be cautious that you’re using appropriate products for your particular surface, so as not to harm the surface. We’re happy to provide you with some tips!

  • Use warm water and mild dishwashing liquid or a non-bleach handy wipe to clean granite and marble countertops.

  • Apply a liquid sealer on lighter color granites and marbles, and wipe with a cloth every 3 to 6 months. (Certain lighter granites and marbles may need to be sealed once a month.)

  • Seal granite countertops once a year to ensure that all pores are secure. (Granite is highly durable, but it is still recommended to seal each year to ensure your surface’s best longevity.)

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