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Bailes has a complete selection of natural stone surfaces for your home. But when you’re deciding which surface to use for your kitchen or bathroom, it’s hard to know where to begin. Each natural stone surface is unique, and before you choose, you should know which surfaces are best suited for the area in your home that you wish to customize.

  • Granite is an excellent choice for any location in your home. It’s especially popular as a kitchen countertop surface due to its high durability and pleasing aesthetic qualities. Available in many colors, granite’s longevity and sound structure make it the ideal choice for all heavily used surfaces, such as kitchen countertops. Granite resists heat, will not react with citric acid, coffee, tea, alcohol, or wine, and is also one of the most bacteria-resistant surfaces available. It is also quite difficult to scratch under normal use.
  • Marble is a popular, timeless surface choice for bathroom vanities, foyers, fireplace facings and hearths, walls, and windowsills. Marble adds an element of sophistication to your home and should be cared for as you would a fine wood finish. Marble is less often used as a kitchen countertop surface because it is a softer stone than granite and will therefore scratch more easily. Marble is also not recommended for kitchen countertop surfaces because its main component is the mineral calcite (calcium carbonate), which will react to acidic spills, such as orange juice, lemonade, vinegar, soda pop, etc. The resulting reaction leaves a dull spot on the polished surface of the stone.
  • Soapstone is an excellent alternative surface selection for those who do not like the polished look of granite. Soapstone has a matte finish, which gives off a rustic, distressed appearance that many consumers prefer. The stone starts out light gray in color but oxidizes over time to appear as a dark gray/green shade. Mineral oil can be used to help even out the oxidation process. Soapstone is appropriate for most areas of the home, as it is impervious to chemicals, acids, and heat; however, be aware that soapstone will scratch and ding with use. 
  • Limestone is a beautiful matte finished stone surface that is mainly used for bathroom vanities and display tops. It is not recommended for kitchen countertops because it is a softer stone than granite and will scratch easily. It is also highly reactive to acidic solutions. For those who appreciate the weathered look of leather, limestone is an excellent choice. 
  • Travertine is a type of limestone that is popular for bathroom vanities and display top surfaces. Like marble, travertine will scratch easily and is not recommended for kitchen countertop use. Travertine comes in a variety of colors ranging from gray to coral-red. 
  • Quartz is a popular choice for kitchen and bath countertops for those who do not prefer the natural crystal variations that many granites offer. It is especially suitable for these surfaces because it is an engineered, man-made stone that is composed of granite chips and epoxy resin. Because quartz stones are man-made, they are very consistent in their look. Quartz does not need to be sealed and will not easily scratch.